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It's when you hate something so much that you want to have sex with it.
That stuck up bitch is so annoying she's giving me a rageboner!
by Boner Expert August 08, 2012
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When a man becomes so angry that the increase in blood pressure actually causes him to attain an erection.
"O'Neill was so angry about the woman who let her son wear her used panties on his face that he actually got a rage boner."
by Mike 68 June 15, 2013
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When you are so angry, that you actually get a boner
Mom: "hey, i just donated your Xbox and all the games to charity, hope you dont mind."
Son: "RAGE BONER!!!!!!!"
by beechnutberserkr May 05, 2010
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A word created by the awesome Youtuber Ray william johnson. To be in the extreme mental state of anger and fury. So extreme that you turn erect.
Did you see his boner? I thought he was angry
Yeah its called a rageboner
by Youtubefan August 11, 2012
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Noun. An erection occurring as a result of violent or angry confrontation or other intense emotional experience that is completely inappropriate .
I could never fight in the UFC. Not because I'm not tough enough, but because there's nowhere to hide my inevitable rage boner in the tight shorts they wear during fights.
by Baylee_bananarama July 25, 2019
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