It's when you hate something so much that you want to have sex with it.
That stuck up bitch is so annoying she's giving me a rageboner!
by Boner Expert August 8, 2012
The word 'Rageboner' is frequently used by youtube trolls.

Ray William Johnson picked up the word when he played a Troll in some of his earlier videos.
"Is it weird this gave me a Rageboner?"
by AussieGirl222 August 13, 2012
When an individual who loves to "rage" gets a boner
Man, getting angry at people gets me so hard, I have a rageboner right now!
by Kris Kritikal August 12, 2012
A word created by the awesome Youtuber Ray william johnson. To be in the extreme mental state of anger and fury. So extreme that you turn erect.
Did you see his boner? I thought he was angry
Yeah its called a rageboner
by Youtubefan August 12, 2012