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Hateful, racist, sexist, immature, misspelled, questionable, comments made by internet trolls mainly consisting of an age group of 7-13, written on a site known as youtube. In short, its were immature coward kids go to gain confidence by writing hateful messages they'll never have the guts to say in their lifetime.
Youtube trolls
trollkiddd88: bieber is such a fag...SHE should really go hide in a cave or sumthin cuz no on like her!!!

beibercrazebitch: @trollkidd88 shet teh fuck up!!! BIEBER all the way...<<<<3 u r jes a jelus imatur haz no life ..ur jes madd cuz beiber rules nd u suck!!!

jesse99: FAKE AND GAY!!
by droll face February 23, 2011
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someone who trolls youtube comments, usually by saying something controversial or that will piss people off. these can be found at the comments section on a youtube video.(duh). most commonly trolled videos are Metal music videos,obama speeches. ones that trolls metal videos often have a screen name like "justinbeibergirl" or "disneyrox12".people who rely on the anomimity of the internet. people who no one gives a shit about so they piss people off over the computer.
youtube troll on "Death Walking Terror by cannibal corpse

JBr00ls: "no one likes metal you are a loser for liking it"
any given name:"obvious troll. get a life and fuck off".
by keepskatin'bro June 07, 2011
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The disgusting creatures known as youtube trolls are losers who have nothing better to do than sit on their computers all day and start arguments on youtube. Beware the trolls, as some may unite against certain groups or videos on youtube and their supporters. For example, they may gang up and vote each other's comments up and flag every other comment as spam. They'll then feed off of the madness of the arguments they start. The best way to combat youtube trolls is to ignore them and block them. If they're making several accounts to troll you like the no life douchebags that they are, set your account privacy so only friends can send you messages and comment on your channel. Feel free to report them also.

Protip: make sure your youtube name isn't easy to copy by capitalizing an i or having a lowercase l. Some trolls will jump on the opportunity to impersonate you by creating a new account with a name identical to yours. I've suffered this way. Report the channel impersonating you, and if they were enough of a douchefag they'll most likely be banned within a few days.
Filipinos4islanders: lol ur a fanboy dickrider. UMADBRO?

TheSpanishFilipino: FAGGOT!

TheMexicanInvasion: yeah u fag dickrider y u mad


*all thumbs up each others comments and flag victim as spam*

note: these are real youtube troll messages I've gotten on a video. Never respond to youtube trolls. It leads to more pain and agony as they suck all the life out of your soul.
by YoutubeTrolled May 27, 2011
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Definition - self centered, egotistical leeches that thirst for rage.

-Mostly child-like in nature (ex. poor grammar, spelling and narrow-minded posts), Trolls may be as they seem, or simply using this childish disguise to provoke more rage.
-Comments are blatantly obvious for the most part, usually sporting a phrase completely opposite of what you'd expect
-Usernames reflecting common annoyances in today's internet culture (ex. "troll3r", "Umadbr0", "l0lf4gz", "itr0llu")
-Not all trolls exist to start an internet riot, a lot of them wait to tear down another users post in hopes of encouraging rage. (ex. "Nice spelling Noob, you obviously are retarded")

Trolls can be good or bad.

Good Troll - "Megadeth Sucks!!" on a Megadeth music video comment section. Obviously a light hearted attempt to enrage people who can't take an obvious joke,

Bad Troll - "Megadeth is overrated, Mustaine is a coward, a poor guitar player and an egotistical pussy. They have yet to gain any fanbase or sell any decent records in decades...sellouts." This is obviously a Troll Comment whose entire purpose is to spark a rage war among every viewer of said video.
YouTube Troll - "Megadeth is overrated, Mustaine is a coward, a poor guitar player and an egotistical pussy. They have yet to gain any fanbase or sell any decent records in decades."
by Tr0llHunt3r May 15, 2012
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