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(v.) The act of angrily and violently having sex with an attractive broad because her personality and/or actions pisses you off.

Distinguishable from rape in the sense that rage fucking requires the consent from both parties involved.
Ex 1)
*Girl combs her fingers through her hair while she talks to someone*
Craig: "I fucking hate when chicks run their fingers through their hair like that when they talk to people."
Kyle: "Yeah..but she is kind of cute."
Craig: "Hell yeah! I would rage fuck the shit out of her!"
Kyle: "SHIT YEAH!"

Ex 2)
Tony: "Bro, I rage fucked Taylor last night!"
Frankie: "What!? She ha......"
Tony: "Hell ya! It was awesome. I took all my anger out on her! Felt so good!"
Frankie: "But she ha......"
Tony: "Best day of my life! Wait sorry I interrupted you again. What were you going to say?"
Frankie: "She has HIV."

Tony: "Well now she has HIV and Chlamydia."
Frankie: "SHIT YEAH!"
by baKKKed December 03, 2011
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A method of sexual intercourse in which the giving partner violently thrusts their penis into the vagina or anus of their receiving partner repeatedly in a fashion that causes the receiver (or spectator) to be under the assumption that the giving partner is enraged. This is a very powerful means of sex and is often witnessed in Hardcore Pornos.

Ragefuck is often consummated by the

intentional ejaculation within the vagina or anus of the receiving partner as a means of establishing dominance and power over them. This is an often unplanned finish that is usually met with surprise by the receiver.

Ragefuck is often confused with the methods of sexual intercourse used during rapes, though the two are completely unrelated.
After witnessing the size and definition of Mary's buttocks (as she walked away), Fred had no choice but to turn to Kevin and say, "Dude, I want to ragefuck the shit out of that ass!"
by JungleBunnyPornStar October 30, 2009
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The act of having sex violently after rage quitting something, typically a video game.
Girlfriend : I love it when my bf gets mad over a video game. Right after he rage quits, he wants to rage fuck me. The sex is so aggressive that I like it.


Girlfriend : Meet me upstairs?

BF3 player : Fuck yeah!
by BF3Noobs January 18, 2012
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