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Respectable As Fuck Time
Bro I put up a RAFT on that downhill.
by Mountainmanreese June 21, 2018

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noun. Something that has never been done before and that is so cool, it is like a genie in a bottle. Something that is so innovative, that it opens up A WHOLE NEW WORLD.
Man, this model I just created is so fucking cool. It is definitely an Alladin. This is a whole new world. People are going to love it.
by Mountainmanreese October 20, 2016

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When a coworker or family member is overly nosy about your relationship status.
Girl1: I hate going home for Christmas and my mom won't stop asking me when I am getting married.

Girl 2: Yeah she needs to stop overnosing.
by Mountainmanreese December 13, 2014

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To write your name in the snow in pee. To go pee in the mountains.
Hey, I need to go write an alpine text message.
by Mountainmanreese January 26, 2019

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