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Being in the vicinity of a bathroom or toilet when someone is audibly defecating inside.
Dude, I just got Rafe'd real bad, you could hear it all the way from down the hallway!
by badgersgalore July 28, 2010
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Really awesome person. A Rafed is a really great friend. Gets sad or thoughtful rather fast and often. Will be the life and soul of jokes, laughter, fun, and parties. A very smart and caring human. Probably a great and caring boyfriend. Also a very creative and imaginative person, and loves to draw. Absolutely loves cookies! Most likely to be friends with a Luis a Asya a Yuliya and a Simon
Guy:Hey look! That guy is surrounded by friends!

Girl:Well yeh i know him, he's Rafed.
by SleepingPoisonx3 December 05, 2013
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