Raelyn is the best friend anyone could have. She is the goddess of savagery. You will never want to let go of a Raelyn for as long as she lives. Raelyn is Beautiful and Really into photography. If you are lucky enough to get her to call you her best friend you might not want to say no to that. She acts like she hates it but A Raelyn loves physical contact. Raelyn gives the best hugs. Try hugging her, you won't regret it. Never judge a Raelyn before you know her story, Raelyn is the one who goes through alot. She is guaranteed to keep it real with you 24/7 and will drop anything for her family. Raelyn believes in only having 1 best friend (commonly a guy) and always goes to them for anything. Although she is annoying at times, she will have your back through everything. And will never talk shit behind closed doors. Loyal, Loving, and secretly cuddly, you will always want a Raelyn by your side. Consider your self the luckiest person alive if you are her best friend. Because she only has 1. She puts them above everything else

If her best friend is a girl it probably starts with : A, B, C, H, L, N, S, V

Most likely for girls : S

If it's a guy it probably starts with : A, C, J, L, R, T, Z

Most likely for guys : J
Person 1 : Hey, did you see Raelyn at the dance?

Person 2 : Yes, she looked stunning

Person 1 : I love her, too bad she is already dating

Person 2 : Too bad is right
by SomeRandomDude19 June 17, 2018
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Raelyn is the most beautiful girl to walk the face of the earth. Raelyn is a queen in every way and will never let you down. Raelyn Loves hugs and is an over-the-top achiever. Raelyn has many friends but she has one friend who she dedicates every moment of her time to. This person is her best friend and Often mistaken as her crush. Raelyn is kind to everyone who is kind to her. Raelyn gives the softest hugs and Doesn't mind being wrong. She's Athletic and very crazy. Once you get to know her, No moment spent with a raelyn will ever be dull. Hug raelyn whenever you get the chance, she probably needs it and would brighten her day. The smallest acts of kindness and Love towards her make her life want to be lived. She is a person with no secrets of her own but Knows many other people's secrets. She's quiet most of the time but knows when to speak. Raelyn is someone everyone loves hanging out with. You should see her when you get a craving for a good time. You NEVER want to lose raelyn. If you are her best friend she does anything you ask of her. Never let go Of your raelyn once you find one. She is someone you need around and you'll realize it's not the same.
Raelyn is the best, never let go of her
by Kid with the glasses September 25, 2018
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A Raelyn} is a creative girl who is there for her friends all the way. Sometimes she can get a little fiesty when sticking up for them, but cools down when she is reminded that her friends are alright. She doesn't really like physical contact with anyone, but you can usually sneak in a hug here and there, and they are the BEST. A Raelyn isn't good at one subject, she's good at everything in her own way. When a Raelyn is your best friend, you always are loved.
Person One: "Who's that, Jocelyn?"
Person Two: "Oh that's just Raelyn, my best friend."
by watchmeexplode August 23, 2018
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Someone who is extremely beautiful inside and out. A girl who has been though a lot of crap in her life and yet proves time and time again to endure and come back stronger each time. She is very lovable, friendly, loyal, modest and cuddly, yet also has a savage side to her. Prime girlfriend (bae) material, and may possibly be one of the coolest people you wil ever meet.
"My girlfriend, Raelyn, is such a wonderful person and I will always be grateful for her."

"Raelyn commands the rabid squirrel army."
by Derpy Caterpillar July 09, 2017
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A crazy girl who's fun to be around but is a little crazy in the head if shes not jumping off the walls she is crying her eyes out also did i mention she CRAZZZZY and shes hot
who was crying oh yea Raelyn
by bro i like girls March 18, 2019
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To handle a situation with great expression and volume. The ability to constantly, yet unintentionally draw attention to oneself. To be naturally appealing. Human form of the Succubus. To be a bad ass while maintaining you're femanine side. A goddess. The personal quality every guy wishes his girlfriend could possess.
Dude, you could've been a little more Raelyn about that.
by dig it fool March 20, 2011
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