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Raelenes are beautiful and bright and hysterically funny, they like cockatoos and playing Yoville. They are friendly and kind and will do anything to help a friend. Raelenes are loved by their friends and those who aren't their friends, want to be. They are down to earth and loyal but woe betide any who crosses their path.
That Raelene cracks me up! I wish she was my friend
by DeltaEchoBravo February 03, 2010
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Absolute Perfection.

Somone who is not only really sexy and out of control but very passionate and loving.
P1-"You're so Raelene."

"I wish I was more Raelene instead of the screw up I am..."
by girliebutt April 17, 2009
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An absolutely amazing girl, with very thick hair. She has piercing blue eyes a big heart. She’s been through a lot, so if you have a raelene don’t play with her heart. Raelene is a strong person and rolls with the punches. Raelene is very silly and very smart. She is a great girlfriend but an even better friend. Nobody can ever replace a Raelene.
I love Raelene, she is the sweetest person I know!”
by Emmyjotee July 15, 2019
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The most perfect smart amazing girl u will ever meet. She loves when the person she likes annoys her and she likes to tease him back. She is overall the best thing to happen to a human being and whoever comes in contact with her is for sure going to fall in love with her awesome personality and her beautiful eyes let alone the fact that she is the most humble girl ever. Raelene is a blessing in every persons life she goes into.
“Wow did you see Raelene she looks amazing today”

“Raelene is the most beautiful girl I’m so lucky to talk to her”
by :)(; August 04, 2019
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