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The name one gives their child when they want their little girl to grow up awesome and ah-mazing!

also used to describe one who is bubbly, not to mention gorgeous and adorable.
I named my daughter after President Raelee, cause i think it is cool name.

wow that girl is so Raelee!
by sunrae November 22, 2010
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A Raelee is a lovely young lady that will be loyal to any boy who shows her that he loves her. She is so special and you should never give her up. You will rarely come across a Raelee but when you do your life has been blessed. She is so sweet and funny and super duper cute ! Raelees aren't really that thicc though so don't judge her by her body, pay attention to her heart. Raelees are the bestest friends ever and always try to be nice to everyone because they don't like it when they feel unwanted. Be careful with her though because the smallest things might make her break out in tears since she is so sensitive. But even if you ruined your first chance with Raelee she will eventually come back to you because that's just the way she is.
Carmela: Yo, did you meet the new girl yet?

Marshmellowa: Yessss! She is sooo sweet!
Carmela: Yea, she's such a Raelee :)
by doofus303 April 22, 2018
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a very beautiful young lady who is mature for their age and quite smart. a raelee is usually average height and has either brunette or red hair. raelees are extremely caring, sarcastic, sensitive, moody, sexual (sometimes), and sweet to everyone they meet. they don't really have good luck with guys but are still attractive. they can be annoying sometimes when their nerdy side comes out.

some common personality traits for a raelee is that they are socially awkward until you get to know them well, they try to be friends with everyone which usually isn't good, and they become upset over the strangest things. raelees tend to get left out of a lot of things which results in bad days for them. sometimes raelees also have trouble speaking and stutter sometimes. but despite that they are very bubbly people and have a lot of stories to tell.

some advice for raelees: you tend to have the mindset that everything you do is wrong or bad but that is not true at all. raelees are very successful people who succeed at almost everything (usually not sports) so just try telling yourself every morning that it's gonna be a good day. if something does happen just vent to your friends, it will help you a lot since raelees normally depend on other's opinions.

this is a very uncommon name which makes them even more beautiful and special! if you are a raelee, shoutout to you for being so awesome!
oh my gosh that girl is so pretty and smart! what a raelee!
by doofus303 May 23, 2018
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