Known for much more than partying. RU is no longer #1 in STD's anymore (cough, JMU is). RU has more accredited cirriculums than VT , they have eight doctoral-degree granting public universities such as, doctoral programs specializing in the health field, has better student teacher relationships due to smaller classroom sizes.

Radford was recognized in a national study as an "Institution of Excellence in the First College Year" for the breadth of quality of programs that assist student in their transition to college life.

U.S.News & World Report has ranked Radford in the South's top 25 master's level public universities in its Guide to America's Best Colleges.....I can go on and on for "smart" category.

RU is about the students and the studies, not football. For the record VT students come to RU because they don't know how to party unless they win a damn game, and even then its weak. Perks, RU has a damn river in our backyard and the campus is F'ing Beautiful!!
Radford University: "DREAD THE RED"

Radford University: "RU READY?"
by QueenR January 7, 2011
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The University thats students will out drink and out party ANY school that wants to challenge. A University that gives the word BEAST a whole new meaning! The University that has a beautiful campus along with lovely ladies/gentlemen. The University that breathes for it's students...not it's football team!
The best school in VA....once you are here- you will never want to leave!
by radfordulove March 22, 2005
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The best school in the whole state of VA. UVA, VT, HSC, VCU, JMU, etc... NO ONE has shit on Radford. What other school has the nation's highest grossing 7-11 sales for alcohol? What school's 7-11 sells over $10K in one day? RADFORD. Thats who. This is THE school that will whoop anyones ass in a drinking contest. You want to have the kind of fun you've never experienced before? Come to Radford, we'll show you a damn good time.
You want an example of radford? this year at quadfest, a cop car was stolen, there was a riot between cops and students, we got on the news, every beer store in radford sold over $5,000 just on saturday.
by ravi gill April 28, 2005
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The best college on the east coast in terms of drinking, women, and anything else involving a good time! A college with a campus full of the most beautiful southern belles and guys who know style way before everyone else.
Hey dude, you want to go to JMU or UVA this weekend? No way man, I'm tired of associating myself with those dorks. Let's hit up Radford for an amazing time with the best girls the best parties ever!
by RUHIGHLANDER August 16, 2005
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An excellent school in Virginia with a beautiful campus and excellent academics, also the party scene is gud out there
"Heyyy where are u going after graduation?"
"umm Radford University because of its excellent academics and party"
by loveradford March 3, 2006
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A medium sized South Western Virginia University with very few nerds. Some of the girls are skanky that give the rest a bad name. Not a lot of preps. This school gets hated on by VATech kids down the road because they are not as wild and spend more time studying. Most students at Radford party hard. There are a lot of frat parties and a good amount of appartment parties. Parties are close together and you dont have to ride a bus around. Some people are Southern but the majority definitely are not. Their sports teams are not as good as bigger universities. Typical Radford student is chill, parties, and just doesn't give a fuck. Go to Radford if you wana have a good time. Most of the kids are just average middle class with average grades. Oh yeah and they like to "Maddawg" people
Wana go to Radford University for the weekend?!...Raddy? Damn i duno last time shit got pretty wild.....yeah lets go i need a change! were only young once!
by VAcollegeboi February 9, 2012
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