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An annual spring event at Radford University involving free live bands and food where students (and some faculty) begin drinking at 12pm on thursday, drink straight through the weekend, and stop drinking at 8am monday. Some years they even have to bring in the National Guard to control the drunken insanity.
"it's 10am on a friday and you're drunk already?!?"
by unknown April 16, 2005
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A cazy party at Radford. Its a magical place, where the beer flows like wine, and the women instictivly flock like the salmon of Capastrano. Im talkin of a little party known as quaddddfest
Dude, Remember that crazy ass drunkin orgy we had at quadfest with those 4 spanish chicks, or maybe they were some kind of italian?

No, i was soo hammered i couldnt even tell that i was at quadfest.
by spiderman1428 March 08, 2009
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A party thrown on the closest weekend to 420, located on the streets of the dirty dirty Radford. Cops are helpless. If you smoke 2 packs a day and way 300lbs you can still out run them. All they can do is arrest the freshman laying in the street half naked and in their own vomit and blood. The weekend were you can only go into stores 10 at time cuase if not they get robbed of everything they own. The time were the street flow with drunk sluts and coked up dudes. Where beer trucks come a couple times a day to keep the drunks stocked. Viva la Quadfest.
"I got roofied on quadfest"
by Keezykey April 12, 2007
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A huge party at Radford University (Radford,VA) where everyone gets shit faced from noon on thurday till 8 am on monday. Every other year Girls Gone Wild comes and there are usually many wet t-shirt contests. Ironically it is held on the weekend closest to 4/20.
Why is the national guard in Radford? Oh wait, it must be Quadfest.

I thought I saw an asian girl blowing 5 guys at once!
by gleekinout April 22, 2010
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it's the annual festival of which quaydes from all walks of life join together in one harmonious afternoon of celebration. games include badmitten, squash and hop-scotch.

You must bring lots of sunscreen as there are windows in this underground hall (not to mention the full moon). in case of brisk winds pack some rash cream and lip balm.

but most of all bring your friends (if you don't have any of these a photo of an outsider will do).
don't forget a good attitude along with a healthy torso.
james: "are you going to the quad fest this year"?
celia: "of course, where else would i show off my hand knitted colared polo while having such a good time"?
by quayde July 01, 2010
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A fest held at Radford U that millions of washed up jocks and burnout preps from high school attend. You can usually spot some slutty bitch sucking dick on the front porch of a fraternity house while stroking a donkey's balls.
craig; "dude di you go to quadfest this year? i made out with two asain hookers and sucked off john!

John: you made out with two asain hookers?
by kas2113 April 27, 2009
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