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A cool guy that plays way tooooooo much on the computer, and always makes dirty jokes ;), also is a smart ass.
Raahim: Imma go home and play on my comp

You: nice
by PramelangotSwagggg December 20, 2011
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a pimp arab guy that gets all the pussy. his car runs on oil and cologne. also he showers in money.
jeff: YOOOOOOOOO that guy got hella money and pussy
craig: He is such a raahim
by JDMJJruouououououououououou April 19, 2017
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A fatass who sits on his computer and plays DotA 2 every day
John: Do you want to play outside in an hour?

Raahim: No, i'm going to play DotA 2 now

John: Stop being such a Raahim
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by Garfield_007 March 27, 2017
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