When used in the hyphenated suffix form, x-rub (e.g., couch-rub, truck-rub, toothbrush-rub) denotes a location/activity-specific instance of (predominantly) outer-clothing massaging concentrated in erogenous zones.
Babe, I need some Nappa cabbage and fresh basil for this sausage recipe; let's go to Meijer and have a produce-rub.
by Internecine Allan December 05, 2007
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Short for rubbish - used to describe something of low quality. Common amongst pre-teens in South Wales.
This second-hand sandpaper is rub.
by Rub June 11, 2003
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when your dip(smokeless tobacco) has lost flavor you rub your lip to rejuvinate the flavor of the dip there for giving a pinch the nick name rub.
After a long day of school i threw in a rub and played some halo.
by Bgtom October 21, 2007
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(V.)- to rub someone the wrong way; make angry or upset
Kia: Oh my god, Devonte be ignoring my phone calls.That mess rubs me!
by Juanita J June 26, 2005
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A fun, romantic, intense passionate, exxxciting feeling/emotion of deep affection for your partner. "Rub" is a synonym for "love". "Rub" is the more mature version of "wub".
I rub you, so, so much!

Let me rub you all night long.

I rub you more than words.
by sexybear January 09, 2013
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Random Ugly Bitch. A game played by guys in which the whole group looks around a room, then stares at the RUB until they either blush or go away. IF she stays they walk over and say to her shes ugly;if she runs they yell it out. Either way its fun.
Hey guys...theres a good RUB right there!
by YoUr FaThEr March 22, 2003
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