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God of the multiverse. When he feels like destruction, The song Take Me Home, Country Roads will play.
"Hey did you see RTGames' video?"
"Yea i watched him explode the poop volcano and died laughing"
by TheBigGea April 23, 2019
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RTGame, he says it doesn't stand for anything.
We know that it stands for rumble tumble Daniel, we know.
Hey did you see the new RTGame video?
by Idontcareifitstaken October 10, 2019
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An Irish twitch streamer who plays a variety of games- he is most popular for his sims 3, party coaster and city skylines streams. After streaming he does edit and post on his YouTube channel.
"Did you watch RtGame 's last stream?"
"I did! It was hilarious!"
by Dona_atropia September 11, 2018
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An Irish Twitch streamer named Daniel who plays video games live. He also has a YouTube channel on which he uploads edited recordings of his Twitch livestreams.
Hello there, I'm RTGame. I like playing the video games, and do so here and on my Twitch channel.
by AntisocialWeeb August 31, 2018
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