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A word created by the dark souls community that means "Casual"

Normally used when a player is not being good enough or is ganging up to beat the invaders
●Situation 1●

-*start calling his friends to beat the invader*

- you're such a casul

■situation 2■

-*loses* *start sending hate messages*

- Ok casul
by The cooler Bob October 10, 2021
●"wow ur such a rtgame at this!"

■"yeah I know I'm a epic gamer"
by The cooler Bob October 10, 2021
A guy which somehow has the best and worse hair I've have ever seen

The beard is nice
But he has that beard to not look nice so he decided to have a ponytail, he's horrendous, and that's what he wants people to think about him

Not gonna lie he look more like a hipster than a Republican at this point

He's like Ned Kelly if you know what I mean but without the bad part

Pope+this man=not good stuff
Jschlatt likes men
by The cooler Bob October 12, 2021
(Another word for circus)
Mostly a terrorist organization but sometimes it's just music.

Kpop is a very dangerous deal that only the most hardcore people can handle, not because the music hits hard but it's because the community that hits hard.

If you say any opinion or comment that isn't about saying that insert kpop band is the best and perfect they are gonna attack you surprisingly organised for a bunch of 15 years old with no father figure, they'll get any reason to sue you and take anything out of context and normally they are very hypocritical.

Obviously there's that part that doesn't have to do with any of this horrible acts and they say that only the minority is crazy like that, but if it is only the minority why do they have so much power?

Also Brazilian kpop stans for some reason they think sorcery is real and that this sorcery can make then look like Korean, and if you say that's stupid you're gonna get attacked and they will say that you're disrespecting their religion, no joke.

Sometimes even 20 years old can be in the kpop community and that's pretty sad, it's the same thing as someone liking Justin Boober in 2021.
"Holy fuck this kpop stuff is worse than the hood homies!"

"Cocaine feels way boring now that I've heard about kpop"

"In this life of kpoop there's only 3 ways either you're corrupted, debate it or you go to the war and that day I've gone to war"
by The cooler Bob October 11, 2021