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Rat Slob King

used to describe the time during which you feel like a total degenerate of the Earth; doing absolutely nothing productive; usually performed alone to minimize public shame
Yesterday, I woke up at 2pm and RSKed for the rest of the day. I literally just laid in bed and watched movies.
by mzhang September 03, 2011
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An RSK, or "Ripped-Shirt Kid" is a person, usually male, who rips and/or cuts the sleeves off their shirts. Most likely a college student who wants to show off their muscles outside the gym. They will wear a ripped t-shirt from a high school football team, often listing the names of their teammates on the back, to the gym and then change into a different ripped shirt when they get home so everyone knows they just worked out. They will almost always wear a draw-string back pack as well. Backwards flat-brim hats are common, and these kids usually travel in pairs with other RSKs. Typically listens to Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, and has been known to defend Justin Bieber.
I saw the boys across the street sitting on the porch and one of them just ripped the sleeves off his buddy's shirt! Such an RSK.
by eveechang October 10, 2011
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Ripped Shirt Kirk

An acronym which came into existance among the sci fi geeks on certain internet message boards. It refers to the belief that captain Kirk (from star trek) becomes an invincible once his shirt gets ripped in a fight.
RSK vs bin Laden who wins?
by Dirge September 19, 2004
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