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Rocky Run Middle School. Founded 24 years ago from the time of this definition, it is a piece of crap. Oval shaped structure is intriguing, however overly gay.
by Eric Shi December 22, 2003
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RRM is the abbreviation for Regal,Royal and Majestic, It is used when something like an item,person or any other object gives you a overpowering feeling of joy and happiness, also a feeling of that the object is cool.
Person: "Hey did you see that football game yesterday?

2nd person: "Totally it was such a RRM game"
by sexualgranolabars February 03, 2009
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Abbrieviation for Ramapo Ridge Middle School. Named "Best Middle School in New Jersey" by the highest judge in the land, Brian Miller(RRMS Principal)
Miller:"... which is why RRMS is THE best middle school in ALL of New Jersey."

Teacher:"In the paper today, The had a list of the top ten schools in NJ"
Student:"Were we #1?"
*other students laugh*
"As sarcastic as that was, no."
by 2damaximilion July 10, 2008
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