A website that hosts mainly RPG Maker games and some games for other engines. It has an extremely close and tight-knit community, and often hosts community events, game jams, and other events. It also possesses a forum and a review system where you can rate other people's games and even have your own games reviewed as well. Most games on there are free, but some are paid. It is run by the users Kentona and Liberty, the latter being a obscure streamer who is probably gay and uses a lot of profanity. She also has a very short temper.
"RMN is where I find good RPG Maker games to play. Meteo Chronicles is my favorite!"
by KrimsonKatt May 3, 2021
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rail me now

normally used for weird or horny ppl
i saw a cute dude on IG and said rmn and he said okay pull up
by super... April 4, 2022
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