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A rocket mountain lion (RML) The most badass creature on planet earth. Fueled by the people, mountain goats, pasta and tea which it digests, it creates a flame out of it's feet, and is the fastest thing known to man. It is responsible for almost every catastrophe on earth, including spontaneous combustion. It roars in a very distinct sound, and every time it does, it travels, and the people closest to it contract horrible diseases. Responsible for AIDS, herpes, cancer, tourettes, and obesity. The sound it makes is very hard to spell, and if you heard it it's already to late. it goes something like ARCHKKKHAWGHKKK
-As Jim walked down the street, he heard the dreaded sound of an RML, Bob, who was beside him disappeared (eaten as fuel) and he himself became morbidly obese and contracted AIDS.

-George "did you hear that RML"
Bill "...."
Bill is dead.
George " FUCK I HAVE TOURRETES" -twitch twitch-
by KingKirk December 13, 2010
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Short for "Rape my life."

Usage is applicable when your life is beyond fucked. Your life is raped, your life is being forcefully fucked completely against your will.
Hilary: Hey Bill, I need to talk to you about that intern, Monica...

Bill: RML.
by dudezone April 05, 2010
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an acronym of Rape My Life. Significantly more profound than Fuck My Life. To be used only in extreme situations.
"Chris just ran over my dog while driving my van into a lake. R.M.L.!"
by hurricanebrian March 03, 2010
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