Players of the popular (And toxic) Roblox game YBA Think that this does not exist... An RKER or a Random Killer is someone who just runs around games (Specifically jojoblox) killing people at random, Hence the name Random Killer
This #### is such an rker omg.
Yeah bro this ####### rker is literally so annoying.
Stop rking im literally gonna report you!
####, what is that gonna do you cant report someone for that.
by sunmanparadox March 30, 2021
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A rker is known as a (random attacker) someone that probably reach their maximum level on a video game and decides to kill other players... Specifically low levels
Me: okay I'm training almost level 50 :3

Pro: time to die >:3

Me:aw F*** here comes a rker
by Darrickprogamer July 22, 2020
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A person (player) who attacks at other players without reason or randomly

This term is most used in Roblox PvP games;
YBA,ABD, and other games.
Rker: *Kills some dude*
xXRandomDudeXx: Stop rker im going to report1!1!1 >:(
Rker: lol get gud noob EZ
by UrbanDrako May 11, 2022
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An RKer is someone who has sex with cats. He thinks the cats like it but they don't. Poor cats.
"Why did Jason just buy a new cat?" Asked Travis. "He's an RKer." Jake said. "I always knew thats what he meant by getting pussy!" Said Henry.
by Cheatachu January 22, 2008
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rker is the definition of a player who kills people randomly in main game in yba,
the people who say it are usually bad at the game and cant defend themselves.
this dude is a rker
by fard gamer man January 16, 2022
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This dipshit who has the audacity to attack the weakest people randomly because they think they're the shit. This species of garbage is mainly located in YBA, this garbage game where people are toxic. Stay away from these rkers because they haven't took a shower, touched grass, or have friends. People who are rkers will most likely get killed by a team of rebels who want to kill rkers.
Friend #1: Hey friend, someone just killed me! He's a rker!
Friend #2: Don't worry I'll help take them out. Lemme call Friends #3-10 so they can help too!
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