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A cup formation in ruit, that is made out of three cups in a small pyramid, with the point of the pyramid facing the other team. The name stands for "Ryan Kautz Dick", referencing a kid with a small, small dick. Its use has spread throughout New Jersey, and the Tri-State area.
Person 1: (after banging cups like a yopper) Eyo re-rack, lemme get tha RKD


Person 1: HELL YA! My boy from Montclair told me 'bout that shit!
by Yong Niggah April 22, 2013
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When someone has tried to "make something better", but in the process has actually made things worse or stopped them from working at all. Usually technology related
"I was trying to access my files on the server, but when I tried to get to them I was denied access."

"Yeah that has happened to everyone today, It looks like we all got RK'D again!"
by Jonny.Not September 04, 2008
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Random Kiss Day..

Random day in the year... Its like St. Patrick's day... But not only for Irish.. and not only on march 17th. Soo mark your calenders pick any day... and pucker up... (;
"Guess what day it is?? ;)"
"What dayy??"
by KellBell753 December 02, 2011
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