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An acronym for Roleplaying in public including doodles.
It is usually done and passed between the users in a copybook or some type of notepad.
RIPID is a variation of RIP (roleplaying in public) that includes drawings of either the characters and/or the events taking place in the story. Occassionally ooc drawings are included as well.

Ripid has also been used as a verb, taking on the meaning 'to reply to the book'.
Ripid (n) - The young students passed a ripid book during class to ease the boredom.
Ripid (v) - She wanted her friend to ripid faster.
by Kitcat14 August 03, 2010
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A variation of RIP.
It is an acronym for
Roleplaying In Public Includeing Doodles.
It is basically the same as normal RIP except in these books, the writers also include drawings of the charcters and/or story. It can also be used as a verb.

The idea of RIPID was created by Kit the Hawaiinababidoll and Prominence.
(n) RIPID contains many drawings of the characters.
(v) RIPID faster!
by Hawaiianbabidoll March 01, 2008
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