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RIELLE is a name of a hot girl, typically exotic. The name began to gain popularity in 2009 after being linked to John Edwards. Rielle was his mistress, she was a hot blonde.
Rielle she is the hottest chick around.
by eeee thats my voice May 06, 2010
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Rielle is a beautiful, intelligent person with a bright future and amazing personality! She has a smile of an angel, she is very athletic and lots of friends because of it you will never meet someone like Rielle she has or will take many riskes for you to satisfy you! She may not show it all the time but she loves and carers for you deeply! Not only would she take a bullet for you but she could get you out of a lot of trouble. She loves candy and acshion moves she also loves a good book but not much of a righter but she doesn't mind school as long as your dating or even just friends with a Rielle consider yourself lucky even if you not besties try and get and keep her in your live anyway you can!
Man Rielle sure is amazing!❤️💛💚💙💜🌸
by Rielle is amazing May 21, 2018
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Pull God, Pull Legend, Pull civilian, pull soldier, pull teacher, pull queen
Rielle is a pull god!
by apple_sauce June 11, 2018
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