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Ron Donald Do or Ron Donald Don't. From Party Down. You either get a positive RDD for doing good work or a negative RDD for doing bad work.
You just showed up late for work....that's an RDD
by Jeremey Bentham Esq. July 01, 2010
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The coolest person on the face of the earth. In fact, a sexy beast.
Man, what an RDD that person is.
by Anonymous July 04, 2003
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The state of being impossibly drunk. So drunk that you would smash through a wall or let a hooker romp your genitals with high heels. The term RD'd stands for Dick Romped. The R and D appear in the order that you would say them if you were genuinely RD'd (If, that is, vomiting can be counted as a form of speech.)
1.Smoke and I just rescued the President from a ninja clan. He's taking us to Rap Cat for a burger, then we're gonna buy out the entire liqour store and get RD'd till the end of the month.
2. Natty Light! We can't get RD'd on this shit!
3. Do any of you ladies know where we can get RD'd?
4. I only drank 4 bottles of Jack. I'm not even close to being RD'd. Give me my keys, bitch, I mean, Mr. Richards.
by Martin Stokes November 21, 2006
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Resume driven development (as opposed to TDD).
David: Yo Zain, do you guys do TDD at your company?
Zain: Naw dude, but personally, I've been practicing RDD for months now. My web 2.0 resume is looking sharp!
by David Lin November 24, 2007
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To make confusedly intricate; complicate.
I went to the pub to watch the footy game on the telly, and to my delight there was a mildly attractive bird who offered me a drink. I cordially agreed, then proceeded to join her in a conversation, after which we went to her place and... well, let's just say I had breakfast there as well.
by Tommy Lee Jones November 03, 2003
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Red Dot Dick... when you have sex so ferociously with out a condom that in the morning you have red dots on your dick..
could also be early signs of a VD
what happens when you hit a skanky girl raw daddy
I shoulda never done that prostitute without a condom... I woke up this morning with RDD.
by j nellie November 10, 2007
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