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Like pain in the ass. Refers to a laborious task.
"gota wax my snowboard it's a right ball ache"
by Chris September 13, 2004
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When things are a whole lot of hassle and not much fun this is the feeling you get in your balls (scrotum). Females also feel this even though they have no balls.

It is an analogy, please seek medical advice if you have real pain or soreness in your ball bags, as you may have an STD.

That would be a double ball ache.
Its a real ball ache having to do the washing up.
by Chandrika Gauranga Dasi August 31, 2006
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1. An annoying person

2. A severe pain in the testies
1. Man, that boss of mine is a complete ballache

2. Oooh, after that 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' marathon I asm suffering from severe ballache
by Radar May 22, 2003
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Similar to blue balls; Ball ache occurs when a man spends all night grinding with a lady but, alas, does not ejaculate, leaving him with a dull ache in the testes. It is the worst pain a male can suffer.

There is only one cure to ball ache, and that my friends is known as a wank.

A: Why are you walking like John Wayne?
B: Ball ache.
A: I thought you were with Jane last night?
B: Indeed. She may look like a pro, but sadly she couldn't finish off a packet of crisps.
A: Sorry to hear that
B: Shhh... I'm off to wank.
by Tidy as f*ck like March 22, 2009
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when a man furiously masturbates or has sex about ten times in one day and feels fine, but wakes up the next morning and his balls ache.
Karen: Me and Phil did it ten times last night, and this morning he was crying he had such a painful ball ache.
Melinda: Well, my brother was in the room next to me just whacking off all day, this morning he was walking weird cause he had such painful ball ache.
by baaaaaallllllllllache April 14, 2009
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A chore that you really cannot be assed to do, so much so that'll it'll make your balls ache!
Girlfriend - 'Can you please clean the kitchen?'

'Sod that it's a ball ache'
by Cornish Pirate January 09, 2009
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