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The most awesome guy, isn't gay but is nice to girls and treats them right.
Rayan treats Lorelai like if she was the only girl in the world
by anialator11 April 10, 2017
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word used to describe a male that all females can agree is attractive
-Did you see that guy? So hott
-Yeah he's a Rayan
- Biggest Rayan ever
by EmilySarah July 27, 2011
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The most amazing person ever. Beautiful inside and out. Has the most beautiful smile you will ever see in your whole life. She is honest no matter what the situation is, but only for your own good. She cares about the ones closest to her heart and if you mess with them you mess with her. If you get her angry, let her be. She needs her time to think things through. Cherish her for the rest of your life, there is absolutely no one out there that can compare. <3
Rayan <3
by chanelllly. July 02, 2012
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A guy who has a big dick and is not gay I repeat is not gay and sleeps with your girl. people also call him Mrs steal your girl, he has a collection of girls. he is very popular and roasts people all the time
Rayan is attractive
by I'm the Dickcinory November 17, 2018
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If you have this name you are a tall huge titan who plays basketball and will dominate you everyday. He will roast you and make diss tracks on you. He is ugly but if you go against him on a 1v1 in a basketball game he will make you ugly and you will regret it but in other ways he is cool and aggressive and known as Someones special force bodyguard
You just got rayaned is basketball daaaaaaaaamn!!!
by Yhomz November 13, 2018
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A retarded person whos name is too meaningful it does not fit in a dictionary. you would often see a rayan staring at a ceiling and not responding to anything or anyone. He has a famous gimmick of "pardee arl night". He sleeps in a special way. he lives in a cage and is put to sleep with different camo baseball bats. He uses his fathers wages on drinks and snacks for hia 30 second parties. if his party goes over 30 seconds, he gets hit with a rare special limited edition first class aluminium basebaaal bat. he has the nickname of raytard.
oh my god hes such a raytastic raytard what a raaayyyyyyaannnnn. pardee arl night with rayan.
by hro9212002 August 27, 2017
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