A piece of "long hair" that hasn't been touched by scissors in many years. This hair style is often found on a beer drinking, holy grill grilling, rebel-flag-tank-top wearing good ol' boy. First names commonly associated with sporting a rat tail or "long hair"are Matt, Tommy, Bo,Duke, or Daisy (depending on their stage name). These people are often responsible for bright lighting on-goers with their lawn tractor in the middle of the night.
by MADROBOT101 March 25, 2018
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A haircut where the majority of the hair is cut short, with one long, thin "tail" of hair hanging at the back of the neck, and is often bleached blonde. Characteristic of both bogans and muzzas. Similar to the mullet, but with much less hair left long, and steadily replacing it in popularity.
"Look at the rat's tail on that bogan kid."
by jely April 7, 2008
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a rather nappy type of mullet carefully trimed so that the hair in the middle at the base of the skull forms a single, disturbingly long, strand resembling that of a rat's tail; often spotted on young ratty looking children whose parents don't know any better than to get them a decent haircut
That redneck over there has a nasty rat tail.
Woah, check out the rat tail at three o'clock.
by Lee Boy March 11, 2003
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fashionable hairstyle of the late 80s and early 90s, cousin to the mullet; a tiny ponytail in center of neck, typically tied with a rubber band and worn with short sleeved t-shirt.
My parents are complete bastards, and showed my girlfriend pictures of me as a kid with a rat tail haircut.
by naptime May 30, 2005
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A towel, carefully folded and rolled so as to enhance its use as a whip-like weapon. For maximum effect, the tip should also be dipped in water.
I made a wicked rat tail out of my beach towel the other day. You should have seen the welt it left on Kevin's leg.
by TickleMyElmo May 25, 2005
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That snake looking thing that hangs on the back of a shaved kids head, usually stemming from gangster parent's or brown lip liner wearing mothers. Rat-Tail may further be used as a name that represents whoever sports it. A patch of hair that for some odd reasons signifies god knows what while the bald part is covered with a panty hoe or doo-rag!!! Originated in L.A. usually in hispanics and has viciously infected young children's schools across the nation. These kids are known for bullying and cursing in class.
A fight broke out in class, that lil rat-tail stood up and told the teacher off.
by Luvly1tuc November 18, 2011
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when you fuck a girl in the ass and pull out while leaving the condom in her ass.
I was fucking this chik but i pulled out so fast it left her with a rat tail.
by KLiK May 14, 2004
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