A completely mediocre mobile game that's sponsored by basically every somewhat popular YouTuber under the sun. The prime definition of a corporate sell-out.
But before I write a proper definition, I would like to thank my wonderful sponsor for this Urban Dictionary page, RAID: Shadow Legends.
by LambdaBelmont February 9, 2020
A mediocre, generic MMORPG for mobile devices. It would be forgettable if it weren't for a massive false advertising campaign built by fraudulent, pathological liars using uninterested YouTube users desperate for money to promote the game.
This definition was (not) sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends.
by Intelligence001 November 4, 2020
Something you quite just want to click off to another video when most of the famous YouTubers promo this while getting a shit ton of money for doing it, also it's a MMORPG game if you don't know!
Person A: Do you play RAID: Shadow Legends?
Person B: Fuck you, fuck off.
Person A: Aw, I just want to tell you that you get 5 Billion silver and 1 googolplex chests!
Person B: *walks away while blocking A's all social media*
by Shredity July 22, 2020
A mobile game that has been doing sponsors for many YouTubers, and is now a running joke.
by setfna October 1, 2021
“It’s a brand new mobile rts”... look everyone hates this ad and it can honestly and quietly fuck off...
“Raid shadow legends”

*phone sails across open parking lot.
by Sorrygonefishing April 2, 2020
First lets talk about the sponsor of this video, Raid Shadow Legends
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by Weiner_Shnitzel December 27, 2019
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by Squid’s fat January 19, 2020