R.O.B stands for "random occurring boner"
Joe: " I got a R.O.B. while giveing an English presentation.
by XX_SWAGMASTER_XX December 23, 2014
Robotic Operating Buddy - A gaming peripheral released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom in 1985.
It is able to play a number of NES/Famicom games with a human player. Games include Gyromite and Super Mario Bros. R.O.B.s colors were made to match the colors of the system it was made for.

Although he sucked sacks of smelly shit, he is still remembered today as a secret playable character in Mario Kart DS and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
by Wasabimoto May 16, 2008
A character found in the Smash Bro series. R.O.B. is commonly referred to as "Rob", and is a fairly strong robot in the series. He was used in SSB2, SSB3, and SSB4. In SSB3, he was originally an evil character who was trying to blow up the world. Eventually, he couldn't stand it anymore, so he went to the good side. R.O.B. will slowly power up his laser, and, when he does completely, a red light will flash on his head. R.O.B. mainly uses projectiles, so that can be a bad thing for some characters.
by March 30, 2018
Radio On Broadband
(any broadband radio service with a stream over a certain bit rate)
I like listening to my R.O.B. rather then my XM or Sirius
by Binfordman July 11, 2008
A Robotic Operating buddy designed by nintendo. it is a good cupholder.

He is in brawl as a laser shooting robot.
My R.O.B can hold my cup. and play my Shitty Nintendo Entertainment System games.
by Natu June 29, 2008
runnig over bitchs runnig over bitchs runnig over bitchs
my name is r.o.b.my name is r.o.b.my name is r.o.b.
by evan lee February 20, 2005