Slash pair of Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. Main pairing of Queen-Slash, kind of fan literature. Most popular pairing, because many queen-slash writers believe in it.
Kind of R&F.

-"Oh, Freddie, kiss me - said Roger.- I really want it..."
-"Yes, honey. Come to me"
by Girl from Wonderland February 03, 2008
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R A F (ROUGH AS FUCK), used when discretion is needed.
1. Have you seen his new bird, she is R A F.
2. I drunk too much and I feel R A F.
by trusty_whu September 27, 2007
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"Rape my face" Much like s on my f (sit on my face) r my f is more demanding and intense. (and just better)

To forcibly demand someone to sit on your face.
That girl is so hot, I WANT her to r my f.
by Hannah Raven August 02, 2011
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The term/command used in games such as starcraft, warcraft, or diablo in which someone is to remove(the r) someone from their friends list(the /f) which is capped at a maximum of 25 friends. This may be from the cause of inactivity of that friend, enraged at that friend, or just because he is a n00b.
ex 1:"Wow I hate beetis, he sucks at lost temple."
/F r Beetis

ex 2(RL Conditions):

"Omg Sally lost my eyeliner, that fucking bitch! /f r her ass, I don't like her"
by John November 29, 2007
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Fuck and Run. One Nighter or quick relationship
"She was a cool girl...but not that bright. F&R candidate only"
by Dueling Mike January 19, 2012
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Did you watch south park last night? Sooo funny i was r o f l!
by Ashley McLean October 15, 2007
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