Slash pair of Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. Main pairing of Queen-Slash, kind of fan literature. Most popular pairing, because many queen-slash writers believe in it.
Kind of R&F.

-"Oh, Freddie, kiss me - said Roger.- I really want it..."
-"Yes, honey. Come to me"
by Girl from Wonderland February 3, 2008
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The acronym is HAARF

How An Alluring Relationship Feels
This acronym is used as a key phrase to say to a loved one or a partner in lue of goodbye or exit strategy at the end of a text. It's a cute way of teasing about saying I Love You without saying the actual phrase for couples that are new or still experimental. They will wonder what it means and find themselves here on Urbandictionary to see if their loved one is crazy or not

Sender: H A A R F

Recipient: I still don't know what that means

Sender: ....and you never will

Sender: ...until I tell you of course <3
by CobaltRaccoon November 10, 2021
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a rather fine or fly asian woman.
Man there be some r f a w. in the nail salon at the mall.
by pudge23 January 3, 2008
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R A F (ROUGH AS FUCK), used when discretion is needed.
1. Have you seen his new bird, she is R A F.
2. I drunk too much and I feel R A F.
by trusty_whu September 27, 2007
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"Rape my face" Much like s on my f (sit on my face) r my f is more demanding and intense. (and just better)

To forcibly demand someone to sit on your face.
That girl is so hot, I WANT her to r my f.
by Hannah Raven August 3, 2011
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The term/command used in games such as starcraft, warcraft, or diablo in which someone is to remove(the r) someone from their friends list(the /f) which is capped at a maximum of 25 friends. This may be from the cause of inactivity of that friend, enraged at that friend, or just because he is a n00b.
ex 1:"Wow I hate beetis, he sucks at lost temple."
/F r Beetis

ex 2(RL Conditions):

"Omg Sally lost my eyeliner, that fucking bitch! /f r her ass, I don't like her"
by John November 29, 2007
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Fuck and Run. One Nighter or quick relationship
"She was a cool girl...but not that bright. F&R candidate only"
by Dueling Mike January 19, 2012
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