AKA: Raunchy Rectum

When one has an extremely potent flatulation. When a large man from Trinidad rips booty. One who will take all the credit for said toot.
Matt: Oh man Sheldon just lit one! He's totally R squared bro.

Sheldon: Haha yep that was totally me!
by XxNewburyxBoyx2012xX August 12, 2011
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it is function area of circle, also means love
lyrics 0330 by u-kiss "don't deny our R squared pi"
by WwNeXst May 12, 2013
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When someone is so retarded that it like their retardation has been squared, thus making it much worse.
"He's retarded if he decides to spend his money on hookers and cocaine"

"Actually, he's just R^2 (Retard Squared) at that point"
by Bronzeback December 24, 2017
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