A place where problematic, pure, anime, aesthetic, try to be aesthetic, messy, stan loona, kpop, cringe, western dry people, western chill people, goth, very emo emo, etc. accounts come together on one website where it was supposed to be a place where you come to make stories, quizzes, maybe friends, etc. but has turned into an actual mess. and oh my god drama. if you wanna make drama twitter, tumblr, instagram is that way kids! 👮🏿 ♂️👉🏼
seeing innocent people are RARE on this site.
guy: hey what’s quotev ?
girl: *opens giant book* well we have the dumb bitches-


in conclusion, quotev has turned into a giant mess.
by idk 👅 October 10, 2018
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A place where people (mostly shit starters)hang out due to social anxiety etc..

There's also a lot of damn drama did I mention?
"Damn,have you been on Quotev lately?"
"No David. Unlike you I have a life."
by KeekeeReeRee July 11, 2018
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A website where people got to read stories and do quizzes. Most people on that site are ages 12-25. It has a lot of people that are questioning there sexuality/gender. It contains a lot of fanfiction. There are very few haters on that site and many people are very friendly. Everyone is extremely supportive on that site. You can find a lot of emo/depressed/otaku people on that site, so there is obviously goin to be simular stuff. The site is very addicting and fun.
"Have you read this Chara X Reader on quotev yet?"
"No I haven't. Can you send me a link to it?"
by TheAnimePotatoChild December 21, 2017
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A website where many teens use celebrities as a icon and roleplay with others. Practically drama island with parties, sex, and friendship wars. The whole website circulates around the "feed" a place where you write a "RA" with anything and other users can comment and like. Instead of noobs you are known as a carrot. To be quotev royalty you have to have at least 1k followers. Many kids are between the ages of 12-19. All love one direction or some other boy band. Many of them are depressed or they pretend to be depressed. These kids are also questioning their sexuality and tend to be bisexual or gay. Many girls use this site and pretend to be males too. Quotev was originally a site to write fanfiction but was taken over by teens. Dont go on there if you dont want to be sucked in.
Last night I went on Quotev and there was major drama on the feed, someone kissed someone elses girlfriend.
by The Brave Toaster December 11, 2014
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A website that was originally made for people to explore their gifted talent of writing stories, making quizzes, and a lot more, but slowly the website deteriorated as toxic people joined and people became less cringey, but more problematic. It's a very irrelevant site full of wannabe kids that don't know what minding their own business is. Some legit turned it into a dating site and if a member you'll be slapped with cringey 12-15 year olds asking for dick or wanting a daddy. Some will tell you about dumb shit like how they've been through a lot of shit exs and are looking for better people LIKE I'M CRYING LAUGHING WTF DO THESE DUMB FUCKS ACTUALLY THINK THEY'LL FIND ON QOUTEV?? Love is not there honey but smut and hoes are very much there. Anyways, it's a female dominated website for whatever reason and so if you're a guy they will drop on there knees and treat you like a god (those idiots don't realize that there's a shit ton of boys there, but not many really give a shit about being active) All in all, it's a pretty addictive site and not everything there is shit because clearly people like me do exist there so yea. Don't fuck around and date every two days yall are thirsty but let's not go that low. ANYWAYS JOIN AND ROT AS YOUR INNER TORMENT INCREASES WITH EVERY DAY OF BEING THERE. GOOD LUCK AND DON'T ARGUE WITH ARROGANT PEOPLE THEY WILL GIVE YOU CANCER.
Person A: YO bro that's it I'm leaving shit quotev it's too dramatic for me
Person B: smh you're only doing that for attention
Person A: listen bitch I'm trying to get famous

Person B: lol right get famous among ten year olds

Person A: At least I get praised ; )
Person B: for real hoes kiss your ass like wtf anyways I'll watch you reactivate in the next 10 minutes
Person A: you know it bud
by exposeking69 May 03, 2018
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Quotev is a place that used to be used for writing stories, reading fanfics/stories, and making quizzes. Now in 2019 it has evolved into a crackhead cultured space where teenagers have no control and post crazy shit. You'll meet anime accounts, furries, daddy doms, and A LOT more. Be prepared for the shit you'll witness because once you come into our culture you're sucked in forever. Also beware of the popular accounts and drama.
Quotev is a place for crackhead teenagers.

god gage is an unproblematic popular account on Quotev.
by jeongkuks March 11, 2019
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Quotev is a place where people used to go to read stories, make quizzes, and write stories. Now in 2019 we have evolved this quiz site into a dating site where 12 year olds love to make drama. There are such things as popular accounts, feedspammers, and so on. This is a place where crackhead culture is at 100% 25/8 and if you love drama this is the place to be. If you're not a cool kid then you're an outcast. Have fun playing with crackheads.
Quotev has become a dating site for 12 year olds.
god gage is a cool kid on Quotev!
by jeongkuks March 11, 2019
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