The act of maintaining a fluid or residue in ones mouth before finally deciding to spit or swallow allowing the sense of taste to utilize textures and flavors.
That bitch last night quopped my load before she finally swallowed.
by Shreysongz May 24, 2014
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quop stands for quality of pussy.... made in florida
i walked into this bar in debary, and the quop was horrible....

man i swear everytime we go to this bar the quop is so disappointing....

your quop is unacceptable
by itoldyallimadeupawordjlg March 26, 2010
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An extremely firm, piece of coiled crap. Kinda like those fake dog poop things you can buy at a prank shop.
When I went to the bathroom, I regretted eating to much last noght for dinner. I had to take a huge quop.
by Brooke Downs August 09, 2008
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