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Pronounced kwa-romantic, (also called “wtfromantic” or “whatromantic”), this term can be used to describe anyone who has a lot of struggle with the concept of romantic attraction. The term is intentionally vague and covers a large variety of experiences such as:
- Not being able to understand the concept of romantic attraction
- Having difficulty distinguishing between romantic attraction and another form of attraction (aesthetic, sensual, or platonic)
- Finding the concept of romantic attraction to be inapplicable, inaccessible, or nonsensical
- Questioning your romantic orientation for so long that questioning itself forms a part of your identity
- Not feeling any other label is useful for you
Along with many others

People who identify as quoiromantic may identify as arospec (within the aromantic spectrum) or not, it doesn’t matter. This orientation is grounded in confusion around romantic attraction in general, and anyone can identify with this label.

(Some of this information was paraphrased from the aromantics wiki’s quoiromantic page)
Some examples of people who may identify as quoiromantic:

“I always have a really hard time distinguishing a difference between romantic and platonic attraction, so I identify as quoiromantic.”

“I’m pretty sure I experience romantic attraction, but as there’s nothing I consider to be romantic (it’s all either platonic or aesthetic or something else), I am quoiromantic.”

“I’ve never really understood romantic attraction as a concept, no matter how much people try to explain it to me. Because of this, I identify as quoiromantic.”

“I’ve spent so much time wondering if I feel romantic attraction or not that it’s kind of just become part of me, so I say I’m quoiromantic.”

“I identify as quoiromantic simply because I don’t really feel like any other label fits me well.”
by just-another-ravenclaw October 8, 2020
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A romantic orientation in which one is unable to differentiate platonic and romantic love.

It is also used as a catch-all term for people on the aromantic spectrum who don't fit any other label.
Also called wtfromantic. The prefix, quoi, was taken from the French word for what.
I can't tell if i have a crush on them or if I like being only friends because I'm quoiromantic.
by Olloing June 14, 2015
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Quoiromantic is when one cannot always distinguish romantic attraction from another type of attraction. It can also be when one cannot tell if something is romantic attraction or not.
There's this girl in my school.

I'm quoiromantic because I can't tell if I like her romantically or not.
by AmeryWest(:P) September 1, 2021
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Quoiromantic/quoisexual is where an individual can't tell the difference between a sexual/romantic relationship and a platonic one, meaning they never really know when they're in love (I'm no expert but that's how people describe it to me)
Guy: "Timmy is quoiromantic"
Other guy: "ok."
👶🤪🥺🤷 ♀️😜🤭😿👩 🦲🤏😎😭😇🐑
by f.i.n.n July 21, 2022
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