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A site full of trolls, wemos, weaboos, douchebags, and idiots.

u idiot

dis ish quiztron u homo
by darkemptines December 09, 2013
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A site originally meant for quizzes but in its history has turned into a troll vs. emo society, then was flooded with JB fans, and finally some illuminati have come into play.
Filled with drama frama. n00bs come by the day.

n00b: What do I do here?

Random person: GTFO

n00b: why you so mean?

Me: This is Quiztron. A lot of drama frama. Get used to it.
by iamghost237 April 14, 2011
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Part of YouThink.
Referred to as 'QT'.
This website is just
full of bitchy and mean people that criticize every person who joins the website. It is hardly monitored and they do their own thing. It is claimed to have 'leaders' but these are just dumb 12 year olds that have sticks up their asses and therefore think that they're the shit. Buddy is the only person who monitors the website but he's never on because it is the shithole of the internet. It is basically just a wanna-be version of 4chan. But it is not a diverse website because unless you're a wemo or an annoying little kid then you'll be rejected fast.
There are many trolls on this website. All the kids do on there is go out of there way to team up and destroy you. It usually doesn't work but some do get pissed off and leave. There are also a lot of alters on here of the same people. The same group of kids on here all the time are just lifeless noobs without a purpose. They use words to attempt to be cool like epic, fail, cool beans, n00b, herp derp and etc.
Mostly just 4chan stuff on here.
They claim to have had an era on there called "emos vs trolls" but in reality no real emos or trolls are on here because it's such a pointless website that has lost all cool in the past 3 years.
Any nice people will be gone by 6 hours of joining because of how bad it is. It's not what cool people do but if you tell the trolls that you're just egging them on.
On Quiztron discuss board:

New Kid: Hey! I'm new to the website! I saw it and it looked fun!

Dumb Troll Kid: We are the leaders of QT! Bow down to us or be hated!!

Other Dumb Troll Kid: ya! we r teh rulerzz!

Me: *watching screen* Wow. Someone never gets laid.
by SexyA7XFreak July 31, 2011
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