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A congregation of awkward intellectuals (or variant).
"Have you seen the Dutchtown Quiz Bowl team? Those guys are lit."
by jackiechancellor September 27, 2017
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A club full of gigglers that is temporarily canceled on the national level. Soon to be replaced by DECA jeopardy, this event is composed of elite teams who answer elite questions about the business and specifically marketing world. These teams are comprised of super funny, sexy, and just all around awesome people who you probably fall in love with. DECA romances are most common in this event, seeing qb'ers aforementioned are just so awesome. They tend to trade up in the romance department. Owen J. Roberts is undoubtably the greatest and most supreme quiz bowl team to walk this planet. Moon, while putting a valiant effort, it is apparent that they actually suck and should just give up. In fact, the only place they could win quiz bowl is on the actual moon, which we all know is desolate. Just for a fun fact, white hair is not, and will never be, a true hair color.
Quiz Bowl has a very challenging variety of questions:

Q: To maintain a healthy diet, one should eat fruit and ______.
A: Vegetables

Q: ______ leaders are priced below retail price to attract customers.
A: Loss
by quizbowlcrazy!!!! May 28, 2011
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A club dedicated to answering meaningless questions whose answers you'll probably never have to know for the rest of your life. Seriously, that's the whole game. Most of the answers will be known if you pay attention AT ALL in ANY of your classes. Michiganders are arguably the best at Quiz Bowl. Most Quiz Bowl practices (because a sport of this magnitude requires afterschool practices) are usually all of the team members sitting around cracking stupid jokes and answering the questions with whatever comes to their heads. However, Quiz Bowl is very worthwhile because you can miss a whole day for a match. Most students call Quiz Bowlers "nerds" or "geeks." However, you don't have to be smart at all to join Quiz Bowl, you just have to know random information. Unfortunately, being on the Quiz Bowl team is NOT a bragging right at all, since you will undoubtedly be mocked if you ever let it slip that you're part of it.
The Quiz Bowl team made it to states undefeated. However, their high school was too busy paying attention to the losing basketball team to acknowledge this achievement.
by Noraneko July 10, 2010
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