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A person that has a quirky style.
This girl in my class was wearing cat sweaters, cat leggings, and a cat fannypack- what a silly quirkster.
by Nat Sel February 09, 2013
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A college-age youth (usually a nerd, geek, or dork, but not limited to any of those denominations) who attempts to derive some sense of individuality from quirky activities (e.g., attending midnight showings of indie cult hits), homely activities (e.g. baking, knitting), and interjections of peculiar words and phrases into their speech (e.g. "cheers").
Quirkster: "Cheerio, Housemate! Want to help me bake some cupcakes for everyone in the dorm? I can teach you to knit while we're waiting for the dough to rise!"

Housemate: "Shove it up your ass, quirkster"
by LeonardNimoy December 15, 2010
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