A very hot person. Is trustworthy and caring. He is often very good and sports and is a good leader. He can get a lot of girls but when he finds the one he is very loyal. Oh yea and girls adore him. Quinten is very fun to be around. If your having a bad day just talk to Quinten, he'll make you happy. Quinten is just a overall AMAZING person!!
Jessica-"I'm sad"
Bob-"go talk to Quinten"
by Śômêöñē December 26, 2016
A dinosaur boy that is practically perfect in every way.
Damn! You just see that Quinten walk by? You da man Quinten!
by Somebody. I don't really know January 22, 2017
Quinten is that one bro that you actually mean “bro” to, he always there for you he puts you before him and if you treat him right he treat you even better, Quinten the main homey that you will stick with through LIFE he a brother foreal
Ay wassup Quinten bro I was feeling pretty sad earlier but wassup with you”? “WHO I GOTTA BEAT TF OUT OF”?!
by Wordszsz March 30, 2019
A kinda sweet kinda smart guy. He is a little bit Asian but is tall somehow. You can fall head over heels for him but will make you question your entire life. You fell like you could talk to him for hours and get to nervous to talk to him. He's funny but kinda dirty minded and says fuck a lot but that's the only down side. You get excited to see him everyday and when you do see him you get really excited.
Him: Does something for you
You: He is such a Quinten
by Person on website April 12, 2019
A kind, sweet, caring guy. He will be there for you no matter what. He makes friends left and right, because he is really kind. He is also down to earth. Quinten is a friend you should keep and never let go.
Girl- That guy is so nice and kind. I kinda like him.

Girl 2- Is his name Quinten?

Girl- Yeah, how did you know?

Girl 2- Because he it sounds alot like him.
by montanagirl;) January 1, 2014
A crazy badass mother fucker, who you don't wanna fuck with unless your looking for a bullet in your dome. He is also very jacked and all the ladies want to get in his pants.
I messed with Quinten and now I have a hole in my head.
by You Know Who Btich! November 28, 2008