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A kind, sweet, caring guy. He will be there for you no matter what. He makes friends left and right, because he is really kind. He is also down to earth. Quinten is a friend you should keep and never let go.
Girl- That guy is so nice and kind. I kinda like him.

Girl 2- Is his name Quinten?

Girl- Yeah, how did you know?

Girl 2- Because he it sounds alot like him.
by montanagirl;) January 01, 2014
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A crazy badass mother fucker, who you don't wanna fuck with unless your looking for a bullet in your dome. He is also very jacked and all the ladies want to get in his pants.
I messed with Quinten and now I have a hole in my head.
by You Know Who Btich! November 28, 2008
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A very hot person. Is trustworthy and caring. He is often very good and sports and is a good leader. He can get a lot of girls but when he finds the one he is very loyal. Oh yea and girls adore him. Quinten is very fun to be around. If your having a bad day just talk to Quinten, he'll make you happy. Quinten is just a overall AMAZING person!!
Jessica-"I'm sad"
Bob-"go talk to Quinten"
by Śômêöñē December 26, 2016
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a crazy ass mother fucker who will tear your kidney's apart and will go to your house and literally fuck your mom.... then he will get drunk and fuck like 300 girls on a good night at robbies house.... BEAT GUTS...
Damn i heard Quinten fucked 283 chicks one night at robbies crazy party then like he got in some fight and ripped some dudes kidney idk dude hes fucking phsyco...
by Quinten wyland777 April 09, 2009
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a nice young man who lives in college station and he goes to school and he likes to drink and he likes to have fun and he likes girls and he likes food, good food, and he quit dipping and he drives a silver truck and he likes his dog cooper and he has a roomate named jeff and he is from new mexico and he has a friend named clayton from new mexico and he is sitting right here and he loves it.
"my name is quinten and im a badass motherfucker."
by Kimby April 24, 2005
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A Quinten is a nerdy boy who would probably still be a dork, even at 70 years old. Quintens love comics, to read, and mostly scholastic ordeals. Either very gay or very straight. Quinten's usually are depressed or have some sort of mental disorder which makes them even more lovable. If you ever find a Quinten, you will love him more than you love yourself. Over-all, Quintens are the best friends you'll ever have. They care about you and are just super interesting in general. I sincerely wish you luck finding a Quinten.
Wow, Elliot, you're so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend! I love Quinten.
by peter parker is a canon lgbt February 01, 2018
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