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from Gaelic meaning "beautifully formed." Slang as someone who is beautifully formed; proper name as well.
Person: Hey look at that boy named Jack.
Other: Wow, he is really a Quinlan!
Person: Right on, like no other!
by Jim August 20, 2005
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It is a move in the popular video game HALO 2. It's when the opposing player jumps in the air and while he's in the air he shoots you in the head, this move is tough and is sweet when accomplished!
by Evan Morrell September 07, 2006
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A Quinlan is the most ambitious, confident, conscientious, cool, lit, handsome, smart, Inventive, Exciting, Thoughtful, Powerful, Practical, Proactive, Productive, Professional, Meticulous, and most awesome person that has ever existed in all of history. Donald John Trump quotes "He is so noice and is totally not FAKE NEWS" He will be the President of the world "Yes the world" and will respect all his peasants. The peasants will look up to him like he is their dad. He will be praised by all beings big, or small, strong, or weak, cool, or not cool. HE COMMANDS YOU TO BE HIS FRIEND.
Donald Tump: Did you see Tom Cruise in the new Mission Impossible movie.
Steve Banon: Yes I Did he was such a Quinlan in it.
by A COOl GUY YOU KNOW April 24, 2018
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a boy who looks like a lord of the rings character and is happy to be this way. often has sex with a girl who resembles Gimli
man that dude looks like a fucking elf mixed with a orc mixed with a naked gandalf, what a Quinlan
by sarah hates fun January 20, 2008
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