A girl/woman with whom you can not score.

She won't succumb to any male tactics including wheels, cash, swag, months of work or even a gigantic cock.
Nad: "Yo Coonty you tapping that old bitch yet?"

Coonty: "Christ, no. I've been spitting game at this woman for six months now and I still haven't got her shirt off."

Nad: "Grandma's quite a quilter!"
by Nad Retard August 27, 2009
One who administers large amounts of oral sex in a short period of time.
She sure is a quilter.
by Jizzo_TheClown April 27, 2006
Wow that Louise Quilter is so awesome!!
by ernie785 January 8, 2012
Every group has one: the guy that gets so drunk and tries to pick up every girl that is not even old enough to watch MA movies. Also he is the groups biggest pest and has a pin dick.
by johndeereo May 28, 2011
Collective noun for quilters
Three or more quilters getting together to quilt or discuss quilting is known as a Patch of Quilters.
by Megnatex April 24, 2019