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It can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, or anything you can think off. It is a person, place, idea, and thing all at the same time. It can literally substitute any word in the English language or any language for that matter. You can see, hear, smell, and touch a quiggley , but at the same time you can't. You can also change it to fit your purposes i.e quigg, quiggalization, and such. Basically quiggley is quiggley.
Quiggley, what's the time?
Have you walked your quiggley today?
I feel so quiggley this morning.
by DJ Inferno September 06, 2011
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wow kevin ur a quiggley and geoff you wish you were a quiggley
by Quiggs March 30, 2003
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