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A code word used to mask your intentions of consuming alcoholic beverages.
Hey man what are you up to tonight, wanna quiggle at my place with the boys?
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by QuiggleBro August 05, 2017
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Quiggles- what you say when you jab them in there sides and they shack around.
James walks up to Jacob and takes both of his hands and jabs Jacob in his sides and says "Quiggles"
by bubba696969696969 November 03, 2011
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When an extremely fat/large person(usually a weird fat person) jiggles from any activity such as jumping or running.
Miguel the unusually weird and fat man quiggled today as he jumped for joy when his favorite T.V. show came on.
by jazzermanlexi123 April 20, 2010
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To reverberate one's larynx in quick successive intervals from the mid central vowel sound of ษ™ to the open-mid central vowel sound โ€‹ษœ in order to poorly, but humorously, imitate a very generalized Asian accent. This voice control technique is almost exclusively used in the phonation of the letter 'o' in the word "somebody" usually accompanied by greatly extending the duration of the sound.

It was popularized and mastered by Russell Johnson of Ownage Pranks with his Vietnamese character Rang Nah Hah.
Rang Nah Hah: Duh-Hello?

Crisis Hotline Operator: This is the crisis hotline, how may I help you?

Rang Nah Hah: Okai hai, mai name is Rang Nah Hah Bilman Goy Umdid Ahmgeh and mai husbin he bit me, he bit my ass so likada suuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmbOOooOoOooOoooOoOooooOOooooooooOOodiiiiiiiii.

Crisis Hotline Operator: I see your Vietnamese with that amazing quiggle control.
by Douchebag Don June 30, 2011
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when someone farts and then uses his/her hands to wave it to someone else
When Steven quiggled at me, I almost threw up because it smelled like poop.
by dankle123 December 26, 2011
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When a person doesn't have a penis or a vagina but just a flat piece of skin.
"I bet that fucker has a quiggle!"
by brendan siepietowski March 10, 2008
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That erpy feeling you get when you have to take a shit, however this feeling is not due to the shit in your intestines trying to bust out, rather it is due to nervousness, anxiousness, excitement, (for girls) your period, etc; This feeling does subside after a little while, so no worries =
person 1: "omg billy is comeing over soon, i think i need to poop!"
person 2:"Relax, it's probably just the quiggles"
by MyFaRtSmElLlIkEpOpSiClEs!@#$ October 20, 2010
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