Sexual intercourse that is usually taking place in a public, indiscreet, or common areas (not a regular place where sexual intercourse takes place.)
Quick fucks are usually fast by nature because the partners lack privacy or comfort.
Common Quick fuck areas:
Airport Bathroom
Hotel Lobby
Anywhere you can imagine!
Dude while I was waiting for my pizza me and my girl quick fucked in Papa Gino's without anybody knowing!
by smokeweedeveryday420000000 January 15, 2011
A fast and short session of intercourse usually done in public places.
Ryan- Yo dude me and Meredith are gonna toke up in the bathroom than catch a Quick-Fuck in the chorus room before class.

Gino- Alright man, do me a favor and jizz all over the teachers chair
by ryanhallbud343434343434 November 9, 2010
A shot consisting of midori liquer and baileys layered on top.
Give me a quick fuck!
by qtpie90 November 9, 2010
A "Quick Fuck Slut": A Quick Fuck Slut is woman that has already presented herself to be a throw away rag doll or an open invitation for meaningless sex. After talking to her or having sex with her you may have already gathered that she's empty internally when it comes to sincere love and respect for the men who want to help her heal. Meaningless sex is all she knows or has experienced and thinks that is what LOVE is, she's been abused psychologically, emotionally, and physically to the point that there is no hope for her love until she learns to respect herself without being rude to others to do so, and that (good) men are more than just wallets. And more than likely she'll have multiple kids from being used and not having the wisdom to choose a husband wisely...basically making wrong decision after wrong decision on who to "LOVE" because she either never had a proper upbringing or chooses to make stupid decisions with her emotions. (Applying the general rule of "sewing oats" therefore man is not included in this definition)
"Man you see that THOT standing over there in that area, she desperate for me to hit ...she gave me the number without me asking for it.....I guess she's a quick fuck slut 'cause a lady would know to wait for a man to ask for the digits." SHE'S A DAMN SHAME.....
by Pseudonym 313 March 9, 2017
It’s not related to a time period, but more about the French restaurant chain called „Quick“. Le quick fuck is performing sexual acts in the playground of the restaurant itself. Most often emo kids do that type of stuff, people with sexual fetishes over bacteria too.
Antho: So, Anthelme, i’m bored, what about le quick fuck?

Anthelme: ~• yes senpai •~
by matth.ew December 22, 2019