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When you and your homie have the extreme urge to kiss, but you don’t want it to be gay. Therefore, one of you has to take a mask and kiss the other so it’s no homo.
Ok bro, calm your lips. - said Matt
by matth.ew December 30, 2020
Sounds a bit French, but it originates from the Slavic phrase „Bože moj!/Боже мой!”, used usually to glorify God. In this case, the expression signifies gratitude over the existence of a heartless, sexy (for some, not for me), Bulgarian boy called Bozho. He debates and is pretty much good at everything except texting and being a good human being. As much as we hate to admit it, everyone has a crush on him, probably even married couples.
Bozho-moi! Is that my man? Bozho-moi, only mine, only mine! - said Lidia in her famous song.
by matth.ew December 6, 2019
It’s not related to a time period, but more about the French restaurant chain called „Quick“. Le quick fuck is performing sexual acts in the playground of the restaurant itself. Most often emo kids do that type of stuff, people with sexual fetishes over bacteria too.
Antho: So, Anthelme, i’m bored, what about le quick fuck?

Anthelme: ~• yes senpai •~
by matth.ew December 22, 2019