A quem is a term used to describe a man who is safe to females. Quem treat women with equal respect and do not make them feel uncomfortable.
‘Did you meet our friend Tom? He’s a massive quem
by Goochypezz July 12, 2021
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(1) A person or persons engaging in several considerably homosexual recreational activities.

(2) Another word for the female genitalia.

(3) A horses mouth.
"Those dudes are drinking my lemonade with umbrellas and eating my almond strawberries, fucking quems."

"Hey baby, unbutton my pants and I'll strum your quem with my thumb. Ew, quem thumb."

"Salt lick in his quem."
by DumbassDude February 23, 2010
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A retarded individual.

Sometimes used with the person's employment role and ended with "face" or "head/'ed"
Mary-Kate Grzesiowski is a massive carrot stackin', cigerettin' sellin', customer servicin' quem 'ed
by MKGisAquem! April 22, 2011
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This word can take any definiton but must make sense in the context of the sentence.
1. Queme.
2. Queme!
3. Queme?
4. What the queme?!
5. I'll be right back, we are out of queme.
by Michael Hirsch December 29, 2005
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the sound a penis makes when air is pushed from your piss hole. Penis Fart.
Dude, bro...my stomach hurts, i think im about to quem.

queeeeeem!! "what was that?" "sorry bro, i just quemmed..my bad."
by matthew maconahuuughhh February 6, 2011
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'Oh man, she queemed so hard last night'

'MC Hammer's parachute pants make me queme every time'
by yahia October 26, 2007
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Quee (pronounced Kwi) and Quem (pronounced Kwim) : replaces They and Them, in reference to one who identifies as being part of the LGBTQ+ community, and/or does not identify as either female or male.
Quee/Quem: "Quem is looking for a snack to eat, because quee is hungry."
by ScarltsPlc August 15, 2022
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