A water based drink usually priced at 25 cents. Thus the name. Usually packaged in a plastic barrel shaped container.They originally came in three flavors ; grape, fruit punch, orange. Now available in Lime and Blue.
" Antonio please run to the store and buy me 2 dollars worth of Quarter Waters."
by Nippy Leaks October 7, 2009
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Those little 25 cent drinks youi get at the bodega you used to drink when you were a kid.
I'mma run to the store right quick, get a quarter water, you want something?
by DarkNova December 9, 2001
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Quarter-water is a beverage commonly sold at bodegas and low-class supermarkets. The main ingredients include water, high fructose corn syrup, flavoring, and food color. They provide no nutritional value. They are sold in a small plastic barrel shaped container with a foil seal. Initially they were sold for 25 cents, hence the name, however, due to inflation they are typically 50 cents now.
Anthony and I went to the bodega to buy some quarter-waters. I got purple while he chose green.
by The Real Drake April 16, 2018
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