an anorexic slapper with mushrooms growing out of her cabbage patch snatch
"man that was the cheesest burger i ever have eater, way better than maccas quarter punder with cheese
by matt July 26, 2003
The act of sticking your penis in a girls vagina and sticking your fist up her ass crack to resemble a quarter pounder from Mac Donalds. The anal sex is the quarter pounder and the penis is the french fries you get in the combo meal to dip in a girls vagina or menstruation which is the fancy ketchup from McDonalds. The coke or drink from the combo meal is done by ejaculating in the asscrack or pussy of the girl to complete the combo meal.
I gave her a quarter pounder with cheese meal. Dude, she never was so pissed in her life.
by AN0SEater March 18, 2020
When you visit mc donallds and say gimmi gimmi gimmi a man after midnight just for lols
Greg: It was so sweet last night i pulled an absolute Quarter Pounder With Cheese on the local mcdonalds

Steve: Niceness!
by haha your gay April 3, 2010