Quality time is a term mainly used by women in order to get her partner to spend more time with her. Usually makes men sigh at the mere mention of the word. Quality time however usually leads to good things like sex, cuddling and getting your laundry done by your girlfriend while you pretend to clean. It would therefore be in your best interest to spend "quality time" with your partner.
Girlfriend : Honey, I don't feel like we spend enough quality time together.

Boyfriend : Really? I see you every damn day!
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Sex, usually when it happens infrequently due to life/work constrictions.
We've been so busy, we haven't had any quality time in over a month.
by Egdoran July 6, 2013
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Often used by your girl/boy-friend as a surrpetitious excuse to see less of you; really may mean "fuck off."
"I think maybe you are coming over too often when I'm busy. We need to start thinking about spending more quality time together, where we can interact more and talk."

Translation: "Fuck off and die in a fire. I'd rather watch these stupid reality TV shows than spend a minute with your sorry ass."
by jazzbox October 25, 2011
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to spend time together in the horizontal position, not particularly with sexual contact (but it is acceptable)
laying around goofing off = quality horizontal time
good sex = quality horizontal time
cuddling = quality horzontal time
by Shatter June 8, 2006
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A woman's way of saying she wants to do something other than have sex. This is typical in relationships where the male is unavailable emotionally due to another relationship, but the woman requesting quality time constantly seeks more for her own validation.
"Babe, can we schedule some quality time to watch a movie or something? "
by Hawaiian realist September 10, 2021
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