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The correct pronunciation of croissant. It is mostly used by fans of Tom Holland and other English people. This should be the only way to say croissant.
Staahhp I coulda dropped my Quackson! Tom: “I love a good quackson!”
by Brie Avocado May 20, 2018
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The best way to pronounce croissant. Said by our baby, tom holland, and we love him for it. even though it’s sort of a meme, his fans still call croissants quacksons
tom: can you fetch me a quackson from the bakery?

person: do you mean croissant?
tom: no, i mean quackson 😂😂
by tufcarrot February 08, 2019
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Tom Holland being a cute smol bean and his Britishness helping him not being able to pronounce croissant. Then getting memed for it not being able to ever live it down.
“She ate a quackson for lunch today.”
by February 09, 2019
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quackson is Tom Holland’s way of saying croissant because of his sexy british accent
A: I could really eat a quackson
B: Don’t you mean croissant?
A: yeah but... Tom Holland 🙄
by this is for Rachel you big fat January 11, 2020
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Quackson is the most awful pronunciation of croissant.
Tom: "But I was so fed up one day and I went to the crew catering and stole a quackson, and I ate the quackson–secretly, no one knew about this!"
by SpideySarah February 22, 2017
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When Tom Holland says croissant it sounds like Quackson. Everyone bullies him for it :(
“Quackson” - Tom Holland
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