A very sexy individual. Great if you want to have a good laugh. A good friend and always there for you when you need them.
DAMMMMMMMN look at Qiana's ass!
by sexy beast4296 May 15, 2012
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Qiana is a beautiful girl that is always friendly and generous.Qiana has big dark brown eyes with short Afro hair.Qiana may seem really sweet and nice but once you get on her bad side you better start running and not look back.once you betray her trust it's over for you.
by Js122 April 10, 2018
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Qiana is an extremely sexy girl, her hair is always perfect, her smile is bright and beautiful, her skin is glowing. She is always down for anything from thrilling to chill. She’s very responsible and she knows what’s good for her and her family. She wants the best for everyone. If you find yourself a Qiana it’s important to never let her go, she’ll be there when nobody else will.
Damn Qiana is so hot and smart and cool and amazing! I wanna marry her!
by qiana lover November 28, 2021
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How wud u define Qiana?
by I'm that WUNN!!!! December 2, 2011
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Qiana is a black girl with middle length afto hair and has a cute face and a big ass
Dang look at Qiana she is so beautiful and has a big ass
by Qxlove June 16, 2018
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she is the best no one can be her she is the best and very pretty lol !! <33
"hey have u meet qiana". "ya bro she is the best and is very pretty!!"
by ....yxmii January 8, 2021
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