An title given to only the best demonstration of the greatest Leader. Julius Caesar, King Tut and many more dreamt of gaining such an astonishing feat.
President Trump: I basically have it all. Millions of dollars,hotels,casinos but I am still not a Qasem!
some guy who was killed by donald trump in a us drone strike on the 3rd of jan 2020
f in the chat
Mohammed: Yo Ahmed, did you here Qasem Soleimani died?
Ahmed: Ayo bruh who dat be?
by Nazi OwO January 8, 2020
To be killed and ripped to pieces in an explosion as General Qasem Soleimani did.
The terrorist leader was qasemized with a Hellfire R9X missile.
by ahmadsepl04 March 5, 2023
qasem: yo its ayesh
mustafa: lets make love
by spicyspaghettiooo February 21, 2019